Church Custodian

Job Description

Full-time Position 

40 hours/week

Principal Function

The church custodian is responsible for overall building cleanliness and maintenance in such a way as to present a safe and clean environment for church members and guests.

Duties and Responsibilities


1. Vacuum all carpets weekly and at other times when needed.

2. Sweep and mop all other floors weekly and at other times when needed [excluding child care area, except kitchen].

3. Shampoo carpet quarterly [spot clean as needed].

4. Sweep, mop, and clean all stairwells.


1. Keep all walls dusted and cleaned.

2. Finger prints and spider webs should be removed.

3. Remove writing and tape from walls.

 Sanctuary (Worship Center) and Choir Loft:

  1. Dust all parts of the furniture, pews, walls, organ, and piano weekly and at other times when needed.

  2. Keep walls clean.

  3. Replace light bulbs as needed.

  4. Keep doors clean and in good working order.

  5. Straighten hymnals and stock pews with envelopes, pencils, etc.

  6. Vacuum cushioned pews every week.

  7. Keep windows and sills clean.

  8. Clean and maintain shutters regularly.

  9. Clean brass rail in balcony monthly [wipe down weekly].

 Educational Building/General Areas:

  1. Keep all rooms neat, straightened, and cleaned.

  2. Keep windows and sills clean.

  3. Clean water fountains weekly.

  4. Empty trash weekly and/or when needed.


  1. Clean and sanitize lavatories weekly and/or when needed.

  2. Scrub and disinfect toilets and urinals.

  3. Keep soap, toilet tissue, and paper towels stocked in their respective receptacles.


  1. Dust furniture weekly.

  2. Empty trash cans daily.

  3. Replace light bulbs as needed.

  4. Vacuum weekly.

  5. Clean bathrooms weekly and/or when needed.

  6. Clean windows and doors as needed.


  1. Clean doors as needed.

  2. Keep entrances, sidewalks, and parking areas clean.

  3. Keep light fixtures clean and in good working order.


  1. Maintain all equipment and facilities as needed to ensure they are in good working order, including changing the filters and belts on the heat and air units [individual assignment should be coordinated with Property and Grounds Current Committee Chair.]

  2. Periodically touch-up interior and exterior areas with paint.

  3. Move furniture for special services [sanctuary/worship center] and return to original


  4. Move furniture, break down fellowship area quad walls, set up tables and chairs for

    suppers, banquets, and other similar functions and return to original condition.


  1. Prepare baptistery for baptismal services.

  2. Regulate heating and cooling for all regular services, as well as, special services.

  3. Lock and unlock building as needed [not including Sunday and Wednesday unless

    otherwise requested.]

  4. Weddings will be handled on a case by case basis and coordinated with the Office


  5. Church Custodian is required to attend weekly staff meetings and coordinate cleaning

    objectives in conjunction with the Church Calendar.

  6. Church Custodian shall report to the Office Coordinator and Associate Pastor,

    Discipleship and Missions.


To apply, download the application by clicking the arrow below.  Once you have filled out the application, email it to