Sermon Notes

The Gospel in Exodus (Exodus 30:17-21) – “The Bronze Laver: The Need for Cleansing”

This morning we examine the final piece of furniture found in the tabernacle, the bronze laver. This piece of furniture was found in the courtyard and was to be used by the priests as they carried out their duties and responsibilities.

  •          The ___________________ of the Lord’s Instruction.  According to verses 20-21 in our text, this “washing” was extremely significant! Twice the Lord instructs Aaron and his sons to “wash their hands and their feet, so that they will not die.”

How often have you heard this quoted as a Bible truth, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”? This may be a good word for a Mom trying to get her children to clean their room, but it doesn’t come from the Bible. The point of the bronze laver might be expressed as “cleansing is necessary to approach and serve God.”

  •          The ___________________ of the Laver’s Design. There is a great deal of mystery surrounding this piece of furniture. We find no measurements and very little information concerning the construction of the laver.

According to Exodus 38:8, the laver and its base were to be made of bronze. This word translated “base or foot” could indicate a pedestal type base or a base that might be used to catch the water from the laver.

The strangest thing in this verse is the mention of the “women’s mirrors or (KJV) looking glasses.” Ancient mirrors were made of polished brass and were a common household item, especially among the Egyptians. (Some on display in the British Museum)

  •          The _____________________ of the Lord’s Priests. This laver was to be anointed and consecrated to the Lord, along with the altar. It was to be holy unto the Lord! Exodus 40:9-13

These priests were to be holy, separate and dedicated to the service of the Lord. This laver was necessary for their continual service to a holy God. Their hands and their feet were to be washed before entering into the “tent of meeting”.

  •          The ______________________ of this to us today.  More relevant than ever before is the question, “how do we approach and serve God?” Many Evangelical leaders have stepped away from the holiness of God and advocated approaching God on our terms. But this is the issue; God does not change.
  • o   There must be the ____________________ cleansing from sin’s penalty.
  • o   There must be ___________________ cleansing from sin’s pollution.
  • o   This continual cleansing is the work of the Spirit and the Word!

For those of us under the New Covenant, the reality is we were once washed in the blood of the Lamb (bringing our justification), but continually washing in the water of the Word (bringing our sanctification).

Application: Have you come to Christ for the initial cleansing from your sin?

Are you washing daily? Are you daily allowing the Spirit to take the Word and give you a bath?