Sermon Notes

The Gospel in Exodus – “God Dwells with His People” (Exodus 25:1-9)

Moses, the mediator, stood in the presence of Yahweh on Mt. Sinai and for forty days communing with God. God gave Moses the commandments written on stone tablets, written by the very “finger of God”.

Not only did Moses receive the Commandments written on stone, he received the instruction and pattern for the “tabernacle in the wilderness”. God established a sacrificial system; a Levitical priesthood and designed a “tent of meeting” to demonstrate “grace” to His people when they broke His laws and sinned against Him, and against one another.

___________________, It’s not just a New Testament reality. One of the most common misunderstandings among, even Christian people, is that God saved people in the Old Testament differently than people in the New Testament. This is theologically incorrect.

  •          Grace was demonstrated in the ____________________. The fact that Adam and Even did not “drop dead” immediately after their rebellion is an amazing demonstration of grace.

In Genesis 3, we see not only grace but the reality that makes grace possible! Innocent blood shed by the animals slain the cover their nakedness; and the proclamation of the “coming Deliverer”.

  •          Grace was demonstrated in the ___________________. In the day of God’s wrath against man’s sin; the catastrophic judgement of the flood, God showed grace.
  •          Grace was demonstrated in choosing _______________. When God purposed to build a people, a people Who He would make covenant with; He demonstrated grace.

Abram was a pagan, a man who lived in a pagan society that worshipped “sun and moon gods”. Yet God called Abram!

  •          Grace was demonstrated in His ___________________ of Israel. The people that God redeemed from Egypt were a “broken, messed-up” bunch. They grumbled and complained against God and Moses; yet God provided water from a “Rock” and “Bread from Heaven”.
  •          Grace was demonstrated in His __________________ with His people. The people of Israel had the incredible privilege of having “Yahweh” dwell among them. That the Infinite, Sovereign, Creator of the Universe would desire to dwell in a “tent” to be in the midst of His people is mind-blowing!
  •          All of this Grace, points us to the greatest demonstration of grace in human history!  When we think of God “dwelling or tabernacling” with His people; we immediately recognize that Jesus is God dwelling with man! We also recognize that as born-again Christ follower, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We have God “dwelling” among us and within us!

Main Truths of this passage:

In His grace God provides the sacrificial system and ultimately gives Himself as a sacrifice for guilty sinners.

In His grace God provides a way in which His people could know He was with them.

In His grace God established the means whereby His people could worship Him.