Sermon Notes

The Gospel in Exodus – “A Year in Review: And the Glory Came Down” 

One of the most difficult things for a preacher to do is “finish.”  This morning we draw to a close our study of the “Gospel in Exodus.” We began this study on April 8, 2018, and we will seek to bring it to a close this morning.

Chapters 35-39 rehearse for us all the instructions that God had given to Moses while he was on the mountain. The contributions were gathered, the craftsmen were assembled, the priests were consecrated, and then the tabernacle was completed. It would serve the nation of Israel as a place of worship for 440 years!

Notice the phrase repeated in chapter 40, “This Moses did, according to all that the Lord commanded him, so he did” and “just as the Lord had commanded Moses.” (40:16, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, & 32)

  •          Is ____________________ important to the Lord? ___________________________________________

Chapter 40 summarizes these activities and emphasizes the complete obedience of Moses. It ends with a remarkable demonstration of God’s presence as the “glory cloud” filled the newly constructed and consecrated tabernacle. 

What an Amazing Year! According to Exodus 40:17, the tabernacle was erected on the first month of the second year. Notice that the Exodus experience was such a momentous event that they marked time by it!

  •          What other event was so momentous that it split time? _____________________________________

Miracles! Miracles are scattered throughout the history of mankind, yet they appear in the Bible most often in certain times: the time of Moses/Joshua, the time of Elijah/Elisha, and the time of Jesus/Apostles. 

Israel saw “signs and wonders” and still turned to idols! In the last days “signs and wonders” will be used by false prophets to deceive many.

Main point: Dead hearts are only awakened by the Spirit of God taking the Word of God and bringing life! No amount of signs and wonders alone can bring saving faith.

A Year in __________________: Often around New Year’s Day, we reflect concerning the year in review. Can you imagine all that Israel had experienced in one year?

  •          God heard their prayers and raised up a deliverer, Moses.  Psa 40:1-3
  •          God displayed His power and might, that all the earth might know that He is the Lord. Exo 9:14-16
  •          God delivered His people through the blood of the Passover Lamb. 1 Cor 5:7  
  •          God guided His people with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Neh 9:19-21  
  •          God provided for His people: bread from heaven and water from the Rock! John 6:32-35.
  •          God gave them the Law: the terms of the old covenant. Gal 3:23 -26  
  •          God dwelled with those He redeemed, as evidenced by the tabernacle. John 14:16-18
  •          God’s grace was extended to covenant-breaking sinners due to Moses’ mediation. 1Tim. 2:5 & Heb.8:6 
  •          God’s presence entered the tabernacle and filled it with His glory. Rev 21:1-3


  • Those in bondage to sin need to cry out to the Lord for deliverance!
  • When we look intently into the Law, we see our need for a Savior!
  •  Those that have been redeemed can be assured God will provide all we need!
  • This Redeeming God desires to dwell among His people, now and forevermore!
  • Oh that we might desire His presence in this journey more than the blessings He gives!