Sermon Notes


The Gospel in Exodus “The God Who makes Himself Known” 20:1-21

The giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai is one of the most significant events in the history of the nation of Israel, if not all of Western Civilization.  For the next 11 weeks, we will seek to discover the nature and character of God as we seek to know His commandments and guidelines. The Sinai experience will be shared from Exodus 19:1- Numbers 10:11.

The people of Israel would spend nearly a year at the foot of the mountain, worshiping and serving the God Who redeemed them. Here God gave them the “Decalogue” or the “_______________ words”.

Before we dissect the Ten Commandments and look at each one in detail, let’s do a quick overview and lay some foundation for our next 10 weeks.

  •          The “Ten Words”/Law comes from the “Lord” Your _____________________. (20:1-2a) Before we ever attempt to understand “what” is said, we need to focus upon “who” said it! The weight and significance of the “ten words” is due to the significance of the God Who spoke them.

The fact that the Decalogue has a prologue is of great importance: The prologue sets the context for our understanding of the commandments given. The Great, “I AM THAT I AM” is the One Who is speaking.

  • The Ten Commandments ________________ God. The rules reflect the nature of the Ruler-Giver. We would know nothing about God, if He had not chosen to reveal Himself to us.
  •     - The “Ten Words”/Law comes from the “Lord” that ________________ You. (2b) God reminds the people of His faithful, steadfast love in redeeming them. He brought them to Himself on “eagle’s wings” (19:4).
  • -  The Ten Commandments are given in ________________ to Salvation. Most “people on the street” believe that the Ten Commandments were given to us like “rungs in a ladder”. Believing that we ascent to a “right status” before God by keeping the commandments.

However, as we see in the order of the Exodus, the Law was given to people after they had already been redeemed! We do not keep the Law in order to be saved, rather we delight to keep the Law out of a heart that has been redeemed.

  •          The “Ten Words”/Law was given in a Covenant ______________________. (2) Notice the personal pronoun, “your God”.  This terminology suggest that God was in a “filial” relationship with His people. He is not an abstract God giving rules to meaningless subjects, He is their God and Father, and they are His “precious possession”.

This covenant was ratified by the shedding of blood! Exodus 24:4-8

  •          The “Ten Words”/Law has Massive Gospel ____________________. The New Testament writers spend much time developing the purposes of the Law. The Law crushes us, so that Grace can heal us.
  • Ø  The Law reveal our ______________________.
  • Ø  The Law send us to our _____________________.
  • Ø  Then, the Law becomes our delight and joy. We reflect a heart being transformed into the image of our Creator and Redeemer!

Please give up trying to keep the Ten Commandments to be right with God, Acknowledge your sin and confess it to the Lord, Christ alone can fulfill the demands of the Law. His Righteousness can become your righteousness by faith and grace.