What is a Disciple of Christ?A disciple is most simply defined as a life-long learner and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Where does discipleship begin?Discipleship begins with obedience to the Gospel by responding in faith to Jesus Christ alone for His righteousness and repenting of ones sins. 


“Being a disciple of Christ, does not begin with something that we do. It begins with something Christ did!”


“Remember that our main purpose in this life is to be conformed into the image of Christ.”

What does Discipleship look like?The biblical way for discipleship to take place is through the local church. Following the teaching and instruction of Christ and being baptized is fundamental to being a Christ follower. The ministry of the ordinances (Baptism & Lord’s Supper) and the ministry of teaching primarily occur in and through the local church. But discipleship also takes place when disciples intentionally meet for the purpose to grow deeper in their love for and application of the gospel. This can take place at any number of places such as in the church building, coffee shops, in homes, as well as other places. 


What is the goal of discipleship?The goal of discipleship is to be a disciple who is equipping and making other disciples who will equip and make other disciples. 

How do we accomplish this as the body of Christ here at Broadway Baptist Church? 

  •  By being a covenant member of this local body who is seeking to live out the one another’s of Scripture and observe the two ordinances of the church. 
  • By submitting to the teaching & preaching of BBC. 
  • By being connected with a small group of believers who are studying the Word, applying the Word, and worshiping Christ together in accordance to the Word of God. 

Fall Discipleship Opportunities

Begins September 9th

HOME Disciple Groups (D-Groups)

More info soon! 

Sunday Small Groups

Sunday Small Groups meets every Sunday from 9:15-10:15 a.m., These groups will help you to get plugged in to the life of the church. There are classes for all ages and walks of life. If you're planning to visit a Sunday School class for the first time, feel free to contact the church office with any questions. There will be greeters at the main entrance who will be glad to show you to your class.


Bed Babies Rm 118

Toddlers Rm 103

2 Year Olds Rm 106

3 Year Olds Rm 108

4 Year Olds Rm 109

5 Year Olds Rm 112


1st & 2nd Grade Rm 146

3rd & 4th Grade Rm 149

5th & 6th Grade Rm 145

-Student and College 

7th & 8th grade Girls Rm 143

7th & 8th grade Boys Rm 139

9th -12th grade Girls Rm 142

9th -12th grade Boys Rm 140

College Rm 138

Career Rm 209

-Young Couples

Coed 20-30's Rm 111

Coed 30-40's Fellowship Hall D

Coed 30-40's Rm 207

-Median Adults/Adult II

Ladies 40-50's Rm 210

Coed 40-50's Fellowship Hall A

Coed 40-50's Rm 213

Coed 50's Fellowship Hall C

Coed 50's Rm 208

-Senior Adults/Adult III

Ladies 60+ Rm 204

Ladies 65+ Rm 205

Ladies 70+ Rm 201

Men 60+ Rm 214

Men 70+ Rm 202

Coed 60+ Rm 215