Sunday morning

small groupS

Sunday School meets every Sunday from 9:15-10:15 a.m., and is the best place to get plugged in to the life of the church. There are classes for all ages and walks of life. If you're planning to visit a Sunday School class for the first time, feel free to contact the church office with any questions. There will be greeters at the main entrance who will be glad to show you to your class.


Bed Babies Rm 118

Toddlers Rm 103

2 Year Olds Rm 106

3 Year Olds Rm 108

4 Year Olds Rm 109

5 Year Olds Rm 112


1st & 2nd Grade Rm 146

3rd & 4th Grade Rm 149

5th & 6th Grade Rm 145

-Student and College

7th & 8th grade Girls Rm 143

7th & 8th grade Boys Rm 139

9th -12th grade Girls Rm 142

9th -12th grade Boys Rm 140

College Rm 138

Career Rm 209

-Young Couples

Coed 20-30's Rm 111

Coed 30-40's Fellowship Hall D

Coed 30-40's Rm 207

-Median Adults/Adult II

Ladies 40-50's Rm 210

Coed 40-50's Fellowship Hall A

Coed 40-50's Rm 213

Coed 50's Fellowship Hall C

Coed 50's Rm 208

-Senior Adults/Adult III

Ladies 60+ Rm 204

Ladies 65+ Rm 205

Ladies 70+ Rm 201

Men 60+ Rm 214

Men 70+ Rm 202

Coed 60+ Rm 215

The Gospel Project

Starting in August of 2013, the Broadway family began a journey together in the Gospel Project. This is a comprehensive Bible Study curriculum that immerses the student in the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation. Additionally, every age group studies the same Bible passages each week, so parents know exactly what their children are learning and are able to facilitate family discussions on their lesson each week.

We are excited to have the Gospel Project at Broadway Baptist Church, so that we might strengthen the church by strengthening our knowledge of the Gospel. For more infomation, visit the Gospel Project website at or speak to our Discipleship Pastor at 865-982-6012.


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