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Good Thursday morning. Hope everyone is having a blessed week. Remember you are too blessed to be stressed! As we learned last night from our study 1 Cor. 4, "what do you (we) have that you (we) have not received? And if we received it, why do you (we) boast as though you (we) did not receive it?
Rich or poor, little or much, whatever we have has been given to us from the Lord! Use it wisely!

Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. will be our Q&A Panel Discussion concerning "The Hope of Heaven". If you have questions you may respond with them to this email address or you may text them to 865-661-4398. Hope you will make plans to be here for this time of wrap-up of our sermon series on heaven.

Pastor’s Welcome Table:  Our Next Pastor’s Welcome Table will be Sunday, January 26th following the 10:30 Worship Service.  This is a lunch and time of fellowship for visitors and new members with the pastors and staff.  Please RSVP through the church office (865) 982-6012 or email

All Children’s and Youth Ministry Volunteers: Wednesday, the 29th of this month we will be having a child safety training during the evening activities.  If at all possible, make every effort to attend this training.  It is important that we are reminded of the basics of child safety but also the everchanging dangers that are children are exposed to.  The training will be from 6pm – 8pm.  Childcare will be provided for children of volunteers.  Please see Pastor TJ with any questions.

Member Directories are available on our new website: then click on the "About" link; then click on "Our People" which will bring you to a space for a password. the password is godisgood. then you will have access to the church pictorial directory with names and contact information.

Our Nation and our Troops!

Sympathy:  The family of Joyce Best. I met with Ray and his son, Jeff this morning at Smith's Funeral Home. The Celebration of Life Service for Joyce will be Saturday, January 25th at BBC. The family will receive friends from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. with the service to begin at 1:00 p.m. followed by a lunch in the fellowship hall. Ray and Joyce have been attending BBC for the past two or three years. I had the privilege of baptizing them both on one Easter Sunday at Vonore Baptist.

Tommie Thornburg, at Blount with pneumonia and sepsis,in a regular room now.
Rhett Williams, Children's hosp. battling bacterial pneumonia
Amilia Eichhorn, good news she is coming home from the hospital today!
Beth Eichhorn's mother, in the hospital with pneumonia  

Surgeries/medical procedures:
Ethel Allen, back procedure this morning at the surgery center
Kathy Dye, home recovering from heart surgery
John Parker, Ruth Cole's son-in-law, throat cancer
BL Ervin, recovering from surgery
Kathy Johnston, Debbie Herron's cousin, diabetic complications
Bea Duke
Eldora Harris, recovering from surgery
Amelia Carter
Donna Dowdy, recovering from hip replacement
Bobby Nick, worship pastor at Dotson Memorial, pancreatic cancer. Chemo treatments postponed until January.
Ann Yeats, recovering from surgery
Fred Brown, PTL, cancer is in remission!
Rev. Bobby Lawson
Pat Morgan
Reggie Essex
Angela MartinAvery Paradis, son of the youth pastor at Madison Avenue
Cissy Fulford, feeling better
Eddy Dye, back issues, had an MRI Sunday
Joe Gamble, stage 4 lung cancer
Glenda Thomas, Pastor Tony's 1st cousin, treatment for cancer
Wilma McCarty
Lee Stevenson, surgery postoned due to pneumonia
Richard Yeats, knee replacement, rescheduled till Feb. 11
Vicky Campbell, surgery on January 16
JW Hopper, hospice care at home
Kenneth Hamby, Bob Hood's uncle, leukemia
Albert and Nancy Gribble, Nancy has congestive heart failure
Sandy Gamble
Jeremy Brewer's grandmother, hospice care
Harry Borden, taking dialysis
Ken and Shelby Stalans
Rev. Bill Vest, lupus
Elaine Clarke's parents
Randy Nabors' mother, Nancy Nabors
Lou Jarboe
Jeff & Micki Dunn
David Garner, not doing well
Sue Deakin
Ron Humphrey, Vicky Lawson's brother in Murfressboro, cancer
Opal & Don Loflin

Missionaries:Aaron & Jennifer Brown - IMB
Alison Dutton - Pioneer (preparing/fund raising phase)Grayson & Julia Chapman - Pioneer   Craig & Marcy Hammonds - New Tribes Porter & Lexie Hampton - New Tribes
Dib & Pam Hampton - New Tribes
Bill & Kelly Housley and the Itutang Elders - New Tribes (Check out the website   Promise Vaughn & the Tangguat Church - New Tribes  
Jason & Nisae Williamson & the Iski Church - New Tribes
Rick & Shanna Stover - IMB (home on furlough)  
Lee & Diana Stevenson, OMF, Lee has prostate cancer  
Lynn - IMB Aaron & Rebekah Wade, PNG
Pastor Barnet Phiri, in Malawi Africa
Amanda Gibson, Glenn and Sandra's niece, serving in Rwanda    
Pastor Tom Abungu, Kenya Africa
Charles & Asia Corbin, Rock International, Dean and Dottie's grandchildren serving in Africa
Drew Curtis
Blake Eichhorn  
Billy Fea
Nick Pierce
Darren Macy
Derek Garland
Jonah Gilbertson
Joshua Hodge
Eric & Catherine Jacobs
Max Jamison
Lauren Krawinkel  
Josh Lawhon
Job & Aimee Morales  (PTL moving back to Maryville in 2020)
Nick Watson
Chad Wood
Chris Williams
Zack Perkins
Peter Green
Amber Stott
Eric Williams  
Blake Mills, Vada's grandson, basic training in Lackland, TX

Nursing Home:
George Cagle, Fairpark
Flossie Perkey, Morning View
Mary Helen Large, MorningView
Regina Large, BrookDale on Sandy Springs
Olene Cagle, Clover Hill Asst Living
Bill McCorkle, Andy's dad, Asbury
Kathleen Phelps,
Eileen Atkins, Asbury
Mildrid Anglin, ParkView
Barbara Melton, ParkView
Ruth Cole, ParkView
John & Helen Everheart, Shannondale
Hugh & Barbara Roberts, Woods in Sweetwater
Jack Ingram's sister, nursing home in Sweetwater

Barbara White
Glenna Denton
Margaret Rose
Juanita Greenway
Richard Beem
Irene Ingram
Max & Barbara Phillips
Gloria Tallent
Henry and Clara Franklin

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