Born Again into a Living Hope

Apr 17, 2022    Dr. Tony Collins
Born Again into a Living Hope Today is a most glorious day, the day on which we celebrate the greatest miracle in the whole of human history: the physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus! The resurrection of Jesus is central to and foundational for the Christian faith. Without the reality of the resurrection, we might as well leave now and go get pancakes! However, if indeed the resurrection of Jesus is a reality, then what the Bible declares is most significant and worthy of our attention. If Jesus rose from the dead, this opens us to a world of hope! The One Who defeated death and the grave is the One Who gives this same hope to those that come to Him! In our text this morning, we read the words of the Apostle Peter, words written to followers of Christ that were scattered, persecuted, and facing great trials. In this context, Peter speaks of a “living hope through the resurrection of Jesus.”