Sunday School

How I love your instruction! It is my meditation all day long.

Psalm 119:97

Sunday school is meeting in person, but will also be live on Facebook, YouTube, and our website. 

Adult Sunday School

Sundays at 9:15 am


Young Adult Coed
Fellowship Hall "A"
Teacher(s): Brent Myers and Ken Inman


Young Adult Coed
Room 212
Teacher(s): Darren Housley

Wheatly Life Group 

Young Adult Coed
Room 111
Teacher(s): Josh Wheatly, Barry Perkins, and Josh Williamson

Jeremiah 29:11

Mid Adult Coed
Room 213
Teacher(s): Charles Lairamore and Rita McCarter 


Mid Adult Coed
Room 207
Teacher(s): Rick Lawson and Todd Meiers


Mid Adult Coed
Fellowship Hall "B and C"
Teacher(s): Vic Fulford, Donnie Self, Zane Womac, and Dudley Reese 


Mid Adult Coed
Room 208
Teacher(s): Teresa Ingram and Bob Hood


Senior Ladies
Room 201
Teacher(s): Ruth Cole and Glendarae Lanoue

Borden/ loflin

Senior Ladies
Room 205
Teacher(s): Jan Borden


Senior Coed
Fellowship Hall "D"
Teacher(s): Glen Gamble and Vernon Wilson

College/Career Sunday School

Sundays at 9:15 am


Room B138
Teacher(s): Tim and Marie Carnes 

Student/youth Sunday School

Sundays at 9:15 am



Grades 7 - 12
Grades 7 - 9
Youth Area
Teacher(s): Ike Curtis, Chris Wolford, Nelson Chapman, and Chaz Farmer 
Youth Area
Teacher(s): Kayla Whitehead, Tommie Curtis, Lisa Wolford, Sherry Dutton, and Marnie Chapman

Kids' Sunday School

Sundays at 9:15 am

1st Grade - 2nd grade 

3rd grade- 4th grade

5th - 6th Grade

Room 148
Teacher(s): Jenny and Tim Whitehead 
Room 141
Teacher(s): Jeff Long, Faye Martin, and Mary Beth Hodge
Room B136
Tearcher(s): John and Rochele Eldridge

Nursery/Pre-K Sunday School

Sundays at 9:15 am

PS Babies

Toddlers - 2 year-olds

three Year Olds

Nursery Area
Teacher(s):Lana Samples and Pat Miller 
Nursery Area
Teacher(s): Roberta Welker and Kim Welker 
Nursery Area
Teacher(s): Beth Ottinger 


Nursery Area
Teacher(s): Jim and Lisa Snyder 


Nursery Area
Teacher(s): Brian and Beth Davis 

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"The wisdom of what a person says is in direct proportion to his progress in learning the holy Scriptures..."

- Augustine