Family Ministry for the Whole Church

Often times when someone hears pastors talk about "family ministry," those who are not parents tune out, thinking that whatever is being said has no relevance to them. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. In this post, I hope to show you how family ministry is something for the whole church.

The Story of the Family

Whether you are a parent or not, you are part of a family. Regardless if you were raised by one or two parents, an aunt, or an unwilling guardian, you stand in relation to other human beings. By that fact alone, you would do well to know the story of the family and why and how we ought to do ministry for the family.

Created Family

Before the church and before theocratic Israel, there existed God's first institution - the family. When God created Adam & Eve, He gave them the responsibility to procreate, to produce a progeny of Image-bearers. When one of these Image-bearers grew up, he was to leave his parents, hold fast to his wife and form a new family unit (Gen. 2:24). As these family units spread, Images of the divine would fill the earth and carry out God's purposes for His creation. However, what looks to be a rather uncomplicated vision of the family quickly fell to ruin.

Fallen Family

Unfortunately, there has never been a family to walk this earth and enjoy all that the family was meant to be. Before they had children, Adam & Eve rebelled against God. Sin overtook them, corrupting their entire being, and the family has never since been the same. Although the purpose of the family - to spread the Glory of God throughout the earth - has never changed, things have become complicated (to say the least!). With sin came disease, jealousy, rivalry, insecurity, divorce, and death.

Redeemed Family

But praise be to God that Christ has overcome sin and all its effects. In Christ, "His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness..." (2 Pet. 1:3). In Christ, the family is able to enjoy the promises and blessings of God. In Christ, the family is able to pursue our ultimate purpose and live for His Glory. The redeemed family still struggles with sin, but sin no longer has the last word.

Family of God

The Christian family points to something greater than itself; that is, the family of God. If you are a follower of Christ, that is because God has adopted you. The Apostle Paul tells us that "He predestined us to be adopted as sons through Jesus Christ for Himself..." (Eph. 1:5). Because we have been adopted and given the right to be called children of God (Jhn. 1:12), we rightly call each other "brother" and "sister." We are family, and our Father is at work building His family, adding to our fold brothers and sisters from every tribe, tongue, and nation. Family is God's heartbeat. 

Something for the Whole Church

Because family is God's heartbeat, it should be yours also. This is why family ministry ought to be a priority of the people of Broadway Baptist Church. One more thing must be said. When I say "family ministry," I'm not just talking about ministry to parents and children. Family ministry ought to certainly aim towards helping parents carry-out their calling to disciple their children. Certainly much of what will be produced from the BBC Students & Families Ministry focuses on this aspect of family ministry.

Still yet, there is another aspect of family ministry that often gets neglect - ministry that seeks to make the church look more like a family. This involves folks getting out of their bubbles and interacting with brothers and sisters of other generations. Younger men are to be discipled by older men (2 Tim. 2:2); likewise, younger women by those older than they (Titus 2).

Christ desire His church to be united in our understanding and purposes (Eph. 4:13). Therefore, whether you are currently parenting or not, you need to get on board with God. Join Him by supporting your brothers and sisters who are parents and are trying to carry out God's call on their lives. Engage with your faith family with the knowledge that they share the same Father as you. Break out of your age-segmented mindset and pour into a believer younger than you and learn from those more matured for this is Christ's desire for His church.

Grace & peace,
Pastor TJ
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